Written by Amir Jafri | November 16, 2020

Healthcare Innovation - 4 Ways to Revolutionize Technology

Enterprise relations between the U.S. and the Middle East are rooted in a long tradition and mutual interest. The C3 International Annual Summit held virtually last month assembled healthcare and business professionals from both regions to share perspectives and information crucial to accelerate and shape healthcare innovation.


The trends and takeaways from the virtual forum will catapult new ideas in the healthcare industry during these unprecedented times. Here are four tips I shared from my ongoing innovation journey at Immunicom as we reimagine healing and create a transformational immunology technology platform.

1.   There’s no formula for healthcare innovation


In order to uphold patient safety, healthcare is a highly regulated industry. So, how do you revolutionize innovation in a tightly regulated environment? Unfortunately, there’s no formula.

There’s no step-by-step process to accelerate healthcare innovation – or we’d all be healthcare innovators. Innovation is a culture and mindset. It’s flexible, it’s challenging, but it’s also rewarding.


Immunicom’s transformative immunotherapy treatment is the breakthrough platform it is today because we strive to create a universal technology platform. A platform that can be used repeatably will accelerate the time to develop safe, affordable, healing treatments for multiple diseases.

"The panelist are industry-leaders who have and are continuing to find transformational healthcare solutions for global health epidemics. Their shared insights benefited all who attended the summit to understanding ways to make healthcare technology that is meaningful globally. Immunicom's presentations were impactful, important, and second to none," said Ransel Potter, the founder of the C3 Summit.

About Immunicom

Immunicom, Inc. is a privately-held medical technology company located in San Diego, CA and Houston, TX focused on developing innovative, non-pharmaceutical approaches for treating cancer, inflammatory diseases, and autoimmune diseases.  Immunicom's revolutionary blood-filtering technology has the potential to effectively treat a wide variety of cancer types including those that have not responded to other treatment strategies including other drug and biological-based immunotherapy options with possibly fewer side effects.  The company seeks to leverage its technology to address unmet medical needs and improve patient access and affordability of cancer and other inflammatory and autoimmune disease treatments around the world.

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