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University of Stuttgart - Immunicom utilizes a proprietary recombinant protein in its sTNFR Apheresis Immunoadsorption Affinity Column that was originally developed at and licensed to Immunicom through a worldwide exclusive license by the University of Stuttgart.  The Company also maintains a strong technical support relationship with the inventors of the protein, Professors Dr. Klaus Pfizenmaier and Dr. Peter Scheurich, Department of Cell Biology and Immunology, University of Stuttgart.


Terumo BCT Terumo (Lakewood, Colorado) - is a global leader in blood component, therapeutic apheresis and cellular technologies.  Terumo has been a strong and important supporter of Immunicom’s sTNFR (TNF) Immunopheresis™ technology.  Previously, Immunicom and Terumo were partnered under a multi-year Research Support arrangement under which Terumo provided state-of-the-art Spectra Optia® Apheresis Systems and broad technical support for the conduct of Immunicom’s Canine Comparative Oncology Clinical Trial.

Our Clinical Partners

Immunicom completed its Canine Comparative Oncology Clinical Trial at a number of noted veterinary centers of excellence.


California Veterinary Specialists (CVS) Angel Care Cancer Center (Carlsbad, CA facility) - Renowned veterinary oncologist Dr. Gregory Ogilvie (also Professor and Division Director of Veterinary Oncology at the Univ. of California San Diego), Principal Investigator


UPenn's School of Veterinary Medicine (PennVet) - World renowned academic site located in Philadelphia, PA.  Dr. JD Foster, a veterinary nephrologist and apheresis expert, and Dr. Erika Krick, a veterinary oncologist, co-Principal Investigators


Hope Veterinary Specialists  (Malvern, PA) - Overseen by Dr. Craig Clifford, noted veterinary oncologist.