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Immunicom understands and takes seriously the importance of protecting personal information. When you choose to provide us with your personal information, we collect it and use it to better your experience with Immunicom. If you choose not to share the necessary information, you may be limited in the features provided by the website. Our Privacy Policy entails what data is collected from you, what the data is used for, how to opt-out of sharing information with Immunicom, and Immunicom’s security measures to protect your personal information.
Personal Information Used to Contact Us
To contact Immunicom, we ask for you to share your name and email through the website. That information is stored solely by Immunicom and not disclosed elsewhere, unless you are further notified. The information we have collected may be used to answer to your inquiry, provide helpful information to you, and share email updates of Immunicom. Additionally, the same care will apply to any personal information you willingly disclose while in contact with us via email.

Similar to numerous other sites, Immunicom’s website uses cookies. A cookie, formally known as HTTP cookies, is sent to your computer and stored inside your web browser to store information of your last session on Immunicom’s website. No personally identifiable information is collected from the cookies. The information collected from the cookie can only be shared with this specific website and Immunicom shares this information internally with Immunicom employees or third-party contractors. Immunicom uses web-tracking analytics tools to collect information received from the cookie to track website traffic, analyze the site usage, and provide additional functionality for a better browsing experience. Specifically, the cookies collect and temporarily store 1) the domain you access this website from, 2) the IP address of your computer, 3) the date and time you entered the website, 4) how many times you have visited the website, 5) what type of device you used to access the website, and 6) the browser you used to access this website. Immunicom uses this information to better enhance our digital presence in the best way possible for you.


To learn more about cookies and/or how to disable them, click here. However, disabling cookies will change the interactive experience when on the Immunicom website and other websites.

How we protect your data
Immunicom takes many precautions to protect your personal information and the additional information provided by website tracking. All this information is secured within Immunicom and only limited access is given to a select few of internal personnel. This information is further secured by modern security technologies such as password protection, app river to protect emails, and box drive to store information. Immunicom places these securities to protect your personal information to the best of our ability and to prevent outsiders from accessing your private information.
Links to other Web sites
Immunicom will share website links to other websites. By clicking on those links, you agree to enter the websites. Immunicom is not liable for the privacy policy, the data those sites have collected from you, and how that information is disclosed. Immunicom will only share sites that we trust, but to be extra secure please check those website’s privacy policy if you may be asked to enter any personally identifiable information.
Social Media
Immunicom will add social media plug-ins and features from third-party companies to further build our presence in the online community. These features will be used to provide real-time updates of Immunicom, allow you to further interact with Immunicom, to give Immunicom more opportunities to reach out to you, and to create content that will be of interest to you. The third-party websites, like social medias, may request information from you, such as an email login and password. Immunicom does not have access to other account information and any information collected by those third-party sites is not accessible or controlled by Immunicom.
Contact Us
If you want more details on what personal information is collected from you, want your personal information deleted, or feel that Immunicom is not upholding this privacy policy – please contact us immediately via email:




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